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Top 50 Tutorials of 2015!
Back for the Third Year in A Row By Request!
Top 50 Tutorials Includes:
50 Easy to Follow Step-By-Step Tutorials!
Full List of Supplies and Dimensions for EVERY Project!
Projects From the iTeach Stamping Blog & Some I Have NEVER shared before!
Wide Variety of Projects To Kickstart Your Creativity!
Comes On a CD For Your Computer! Plus more, read on...
Why Do So Many Stampers Look Forward to This?
This amazing collection of card making tutorials is the like a one stop shop for creativity!

No Guess Work!
Every tutorial has a complete list of supplies and dimensions.

Photo For Every Project
Each single page tutorial starts with a well lit, easy to see photo at the very top.

Clear Instructions
Clear, concise, easy to follow step-by-step instructions written by me, the creator of the card!

Choose How You View
Print each tutorial out or view them right from your computer or tablet!
Here's a Sneak Peek of This Year's Top 50...
That’s Cool… But Is There Anything New This Year?
Absolutely! We are always looking for ways to make things better for you!
INSTANT ACCESS Is Added this Year!
You will get your copy mailed to you, but this year - you will also get INSTANT ACCESS to all the tutorials!

Your purchase includes both your professionally manufactured CD for your computer and ALSO provides you private access online to the projects - because we get it... your iPad doesn't have a CD Drive!
Listen to what other customers have said...
"Please tell me you are doing this again for this year! I love my 2014 copy!" Lisa B, NYC
"I have used almost every tutorial from the past two years with supplies I already own. Great value for the price." Mary D, Dallas

"I was skeptical, but I love the tutorials you put in your emails, so I took a chance. The ones on the CD are just as easy to follow as the others, thank you!" Sharon T, Phoenix

"I have purchased tutorials from others in the past, but found yours to be so easy to follow, yet the cards didn't look easy. Thank you for helping me make awesome cards this year!" Tori L, Lancaster
"I loved my copy of the 2013 tutorials. You write them so that even I can follow them! (I am sometimes a little crafting challenged - hehe!) Hoping you offer this again in 2014." Yvonne C, Melbourne

"Wow! I thought these were going to be something you burned off on your computer. I was shocked to see how professional these CDs look. Great job!" - Sheri W, Amarillo

"I LOVE this set of tutorials. Great variety, wide use of supplies used. Looking forward to the next time you offer this." Janet D, New Zealand
Did I Mention Free Shipping?
Regardless of where you live, we offer FREE SHIPPING on this! Whether you live down the road from me or across the pond, down under or up North - it ships for FREE!
Get the iTeach Stamping Top 50 Tutorials of 2015 Now for $67 Just $37!
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One-Time Only Payment – Includes Your Personal Copy of the CD

and INSTANT ACCESS to Your Tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why do you send me a CD?
Because you might be changing computers this year, you might not want to store it on your computer, and there is something awesome about owning your own copy of these, right?

I live outside the US. Does free shipping apply to me?
Absolutely! (I think that says it all!)

What does Professionally Manufactured mean?
I have worked with the same kick butt manufacturer for the past two issues of this product. I have sent all the files to them, they turn it into a professionally printed amazing quality CD complete with jewel case and ship direct from them, meaning you don't have to wait for them to ship to me and then to you!

Am I getting the supplies that go with the tutorials?
No, supplies are not included. You are getting all the tutorials that you can view on your tablet or computer and have the option to print if you choose.

Can I listen to this CD in my car?
These are all documents, there is nothing to watch or to listen to. CDs are merely the name of the product intended to hold information.

How long does it take to get my copy in the mail?
Since they are professionally manufactured when ordered (there is not a stash of them sitting in a warehouse) it usually takes about 14 days to arrive.
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